Purchase Process / How to Reserve

Purchase Process


Many families like to reserve a puppy in advance, therefore some of our puppies can be booked before they are even born. We hold a waiting list up to 18 months in advance.


How to reserve your Courtland’s Australian Labradoodle Puppy


Complete the enquiry form CLICK HERE – We like to be happy and confident that you are ready for a new family member and that you have adequate space in your garden for play and training a puppy.



Once both parties are happy to proceed, we do ask you to complete our reservation form, DOWNLOAD HERE you will be asked to agree to our code of ethics so please be sure to read prior, if you have any questions just ask.

Choc puppy

In order to secure the reservation, we do require a £400 deposit, we accept bank transfer and card payments, I will email the bank details or take card number over the phone.



Regular updates on the pregnancy are provided and once the puppies are born, I email weekly photos.



Viewings and puppy selection take place between 4 – 5 weeks of age, strictly by appointment only.



Individual photos and puppy update and progress are emailed weekly.



Collection is at 8½ weeks – If collection is postponed beyond this date, there will be an additional charge of £100 per week or £15 per night.



We provide full breeder support and ongoing advice as long required. We are happy to answer questions and support by email and telephone.



Allergy Breeder Declaration & Disclaimer



We have an excellent success rate with allergies but since it’s such a complex issue and everyone is different, some people can be allergic to the hair/coat, saliva, dander etc we do not guarantee our puppies/dogs with anyone concerning allergies.



We cannot be held responsible for any allergic reaction that one may experience or develop. It is the responsibility of the Puppy Purchaser to seek an Allergy Specialist’s advice Prior to Reserving a Puppy.



If any one’s circumstances change, and you are not able to carry on caring for their puppy we will do our very best to find a loving family home. We will not take a puppy/dog back to re-home, but we will re-home via our website/Facebook and send any suitable families direct to you, this is less stressful for the Puppy.

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