Code of Ethics

Courtland’s Code of Ethics – Terms and Conditions


1. Our puppies are socialised within the family home and grounds, mixing from an early age with three young children.


2. Our dogs are correctly housed, fed, watered and exercised.


3. All our Puppies are vet checked microchipped and receive their first vaccination before leaving for their new homes.


4. We perform the following health tests on our breeding dogs; BVA/OFA Hips, Elbows, BVA/CERF Eyes, DNA tested for prcd form of PRA (Pro Retinal Atrophy) vWD (Von Willebrands Disease), Thyroid Screening.


5. Our dogs are checked before mating and will not breed consecutive seasons. We do not release our puppies to their new homes before 8 weeks of age. Our puppies leave us from 8 weeks of age.


6. If collection is delayed beyond this date, there will be an additional charge of £POA per week.


7. We do not sell our puppies or dogs to pet shops.


8. We ensure all our dogs have the appropriate vaccinations and veterinary attention when required.


9. We provide written instructions (diet sheet, helpful hints etc) to all new owners.


10. We provide detailed instructions on all dietary, worming, and immunisation requirements.


11. We will not knowingly misrepresent, advertise or mislead anyone regarding the characteristics of any dog.


12. We ask all new owners to enter into a Puppy Contract – giving both parties peace of mind.


13. Part of our contractual terms is that the Buyer is advised to take the puppy/dog to a Veterinary Surgeon for a general health check within Five days of purchase. This check and any tests or examinations associated with it are solely at the Buyer’s expense. If the Veterinary Surgeon discovers any problems which in his/her opinion render the puppy(s) unfit for sale, the Breeder will take the puppy(s) back and refund the purchase price in full, providing that: The breeder is provided with a written statement from your veterinary surgeon detailing the problem and identifying the puppy’s microchip number. The puppy(s) is returned within seven days of the date of purchase and is in the same condition and state of health as when sold.


14. We will only sell dogs to homes that can offer happy healthy lives and responsible ownership to our puppies and will help with re-homing should circumstances change.


15. We offer a lifetime help and guidance and if circumstances change and they are not able to carry on caring for their puppy we will do our very best to find a loving family home. We will not take a puppy/dog back to re-home, but we will re-home via the website and enquires and send any suitable families direct to you, this is to protect our home and premises from any disease or germs, also this is less stressful for the Puppy.


16. We reserve the right to decline selling a puppy/adult dog to a prospective new owner for whatever reason.


17. We offer an after-care service, for as long as you and your new puppies need us.


18. Our Labradoodle puppies are sold on a pet neuter contract before leaving for their new homes.   If you are seeking a breeding prospect, please be clear from the outset.


19. Our Labradoodles come in numerous colours…CHALK, CREAM, GOLD, CARAMEL, APRICOT, RED, BLACK, CHOCOLATE CAFÉ and PARTI. With reds, apricots and browns…colours may change as the dog matures just as in the human world. Sometimes the colour will darken, stay the same or lighten…Puppies are sold by their colour as a puppy. Although these pups will be beautiful when they grow up, the colour may not be the exact colour they were as a puppy.


20. We have up to this point been 100% successful with breeding non-shedding ASD Labradoodles, we will do our best to maintain the non-shedding aspect, but accept no responsibility if a puppy were to shed. Before Reserving Your Puppy, if you have allergies Please see an Allergy Specialist.


21. You are welcome to view your puppy at 4-5 wks of age approx and to minimize any stress to puppy and Mum, we aim to limit this to one weekend only, and we also do the same when it is for the collection of the puppies. So, no puppy feels under stress!


22. If the Mum is one of our Guardian homed girls, you will need to come on the visiting day to see her with the puppies. After the puppies are weaned, she will have returned to her family.


23. When you come to view your puppy/the litter on the allocated viewing day 4-5 wks of age approx, if you do not like the puppy or we do not feel you are suitable for one of our puppies a full refund will be given!!


24. Our puppies are priced at £ASK


25. To reserve a puppy, we require a £400 deposit, this will be deducted from the total amount. All prices are inclusive of VAT


26. We reserve the puppies in order of deposits paid. First deposit paid has first choice, Second deposit paid has second choice etc.


27. If you need to cancel the puppy reservation for timing issues or anything else before attending the viewing, the deposit will be rolled over to a future litter.


28. If you cancel the puppy after the viewing, the deposit is non-refundable as this is through no fault of the breeder or puppy.


29. If the puppy is travelling overseas to Europe or beyond, the balance is payable by 8 weeks of age.


30. Deposit Payment can be completed by bank transfer, bankers cheque or personal cheques. The deposit is required when you complete the reservation form. The balance is then payable on collection.  We do not accept personal cheques on collection.

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