Health Testing

Here at Courtland’s Australian Labradoodles, your puppy’s health is of the utmost importance to us, therefore, we thoroughly health test all our breeding dogs. We automatically and gladly show you your puppy’s parents’ health test results and we welcome any comments or questions!


Below are details regarding Courtland’s Australian Labradoodle health testing:

Hip Scoring


BVA Hip Scheme – this grade the parents’ hip joints out of a score of 106 (so a possible 53 faults on each hip). The original form is green in colour and will state a score for each hip e.g. 6/6. This would be a BVA Hip Score of 12. The lower the score the better.


OFA Hip Scheme – Easier to understand as it uses a description rather than a numerical score. Joint confirmation is graded as either Excellent, Good, Fair, Borderline, Mild Dysplasia, Moderate Dysplasia or Severe Dysplasia.


Elbow Scoring


BVA Elbow Scheme – this is out of 6, with 3 possible faults per elbow. The original grading form is yellow/orange and will state the result. 0/0 being perfect elbows whilst 0/1 or 1/0 is considered acceptable. Grades of anything higher than 1 total would be of a concern and not recommended for breeding.


OFA Elbow Scheme – The Elbows are either negative or alternatively if not clear then Graded 1-3.




At present there is no BVA scheme for Patella’s however there is an OFA test which can be performed in the UK.


Luxation, if present, is graded 1- 4 with 4 being permanently slipped out kneecaps.


Eye Test


BVA /CERF – Eye Examination for hereditary and non-hereditary problems within the eyes of the parents.


CERF – is the American equivalent


DNA Tests below


We pay careful attention that we only breed dogs that are tested clear or clear by parentage to ensure we will never breed affected puppies.



prcdPRA – Progressive rod-cone degeneration progressive retinal atrophy – results in loss of vision.


vWD – Von Willebrand disease – Bleeding disorder


EIC – Exercise Induced Collapse – This can be bought on by strenuous activity/exercise and can result in weakness or collapse.


DM – Degenerative myelopathy – A progressive disease of the spinal cord.


IC – Improper Coat – To ensure we continue to breed puppies with non-shedding coats.

All breeding dogs must be clear or carriers, if a dog is a carrier of any of the above diseases, it does not have any effect on its health, but if bred it must be only to a clear dog to ensure no puppies are affected.

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